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Welcome to A & D Blind Specialists, your go-to window treatment store in the charming city of Georgetown, TX. Here at A & D, we are committed to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your windows with our premium selection of blinds, treatments, and motorized solutions. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in providing exceptional customer service and top-quality products to our valued clients in Georgetown and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking to transform your home or office space, we have the perfect window solutions to meet your needs. Step into our window treatment store, and let us guide you through the world of window treatments to create the ambiance you’ve always desired.

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Window Blinds – Unmatched Style and Functionality

We understand that window blinds are an essential element in any space. They not only control the amount of natural light entering a room but also contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics. Our vast collection of window blinds offers a perfect balance between style and functionality, ensuring that you find the ideal fit for your home or business.

  • Wooden Blinds
    Crafted from the finest wood materials, our wooden blinds exude elegance and sophistication. They add a touch of natural warmth to any room and come in various finishes and colors to complement your existing decor. Our wooden blinds are durable and easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary spaces.
  • Vertical Blinds
    Versatile and practical, vertical blinds are an excellent choice for large windows, sliding doors, and patio entrances. They provide excellent light control and privacy options, making them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Choose from an array of fabrics and materials to match your interior design and enjoy smooth operation with our advanced tilt and track systems.
  • Roller Shades
    If you seek a sleek and modern look, our roller shades are the way to go. These shades are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, offering easy operation and light filtering options. From sheer and light-filtering fabrics to room-darkening options, you can customize your roller shades to create the desired ambiance in any room.

Window Treatment Supplier in Georgetown, TX

Window Treatments – Elevate Your Windows to Works of Art

We believe that window treatments are an art form that can transform your windows into captivating focal points. Our window treatment options go beyond mere functionality; they are an expression of your style and personality. With our expert guidance and premium selection, you can elevate your windows into true works of art.

  • Window Blinds
    Discover the timeless appeal and practicality of our window blinds. Whether you prefer the warmth of wooden blinds, the versatility of vertical blinds, or the sleekness of roller blinds, our extensive range offers something for every taste. Window blinds provide precise light control and privacy options, making them an excellent choice for any residential or commercial space.
  • Window Shutters
    Experience the classic elegance of window shutters that evoke a sense of refined sophistication. Our shutters, available in various materials, offer both light control and privacy while adding a touch of traditional charm to your home. Window shutters are an investment that can elevate your home’s value and aesthetic appeal.
  • Window Shades
    If you desire versatility and convenience, our window shades offer an ideal solution. Our selection covers a wide range of styles and functions. Window shades provide excellent light control and energy efficiency, making them a popular choice for eco-conscious homeowners and businesses.

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Motorized Window Blinds – Embrace the Future of Window Treatments

We are always on the cutting edge of innovation, and our motorized window blinds represent the future of window treatments. With motorized blinds, you can experience unparalleled convenience and control over your home’s ambiance. Embrace modern technology and enhance your lifestyle with our state-of-the-art motorized solutions.

  • Remote Control Convenience
    Imagine adjusting your blinds with just the touch of a button! Our motorized blinds can be controlled remotely, allowing you to open, close, or tilt them from the comfort of your couch or bed. Say goodbye to manual operation and embrace the ultimate convenience of motorization.
  • Smart Home Integration
    Seamlessly integrate your motorized blinds into your smart home system. Whether you use voice commands or preset schedules, you can automate your blinds to open and close at specific times of the day. Enjoy energy savings, enhanced security, and effortless control with our smart home-compatible motorized blinds.
  • Accessibility and Safety
    Motorized blinds are an excellent choice for families with young children or individuals with limited mobility. With the cordless operation, you eliminate the risk of entanglement hazards, ensuring a safer environment for your loved ones.


FAQ 1. What sets A & D Blind Specialists apart from other window treatment stores in Georgetown, TX?

We take pride in being a family-owned business committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-quality products. Our extensive range of window blinds, shades, shutters, and treatments offers a perfect balance of style and functionality, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your home or business. Additionally, we stay at the forefront of innovation with our motorized window blinds, giving you the convenience of remote control operation. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring you discover window treatments that not only complement your interior but also reflect your unique style and needs.

FAQ 2. Can I get custom-made window treatments to fit unique window sizes and shapes?

Absolutely! We understand that each home is unique, and standard sizes may not always be suitable for your windows. That’s why we offer custom-made window treatments that are meticulously crafted to fit your specific window measurements perfectly. Whether you have unusually shaped windows, extra-large or small windows, or any other specific requirements, our team can create bespoke window treatments that flawlessly match your needs and complement your interior design.

FAQ 3. What are the benefits of motorized window blinds for my home or business?

Motorized window blinds offer numerous advantages that can enhance your living or working spaces. With remote control operation, adjusting your blinds becomes effortless, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. You can optimize natural light and control room temperature by programming your motorized blinds to open and close at specific times, potentially leading to energy savings. Furthermore, our motorized blinds seamlessly integrate into your smart home system, allowing for voice commands or preset schedules, adding a new level of efficiency and automation to your living space. As an additional bonus, motorized blinds are also cordless, reducing entanglement hazards and making them a safer choice, particularly for homes with young children or individuals with limited mobility.

At A& D Blind Specialists, we are proud to serve Georgetown and its surrounding areas. Please refer to the map below for our service area.


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Here at A & D Blind Specialists in Georgetown, TX, we are passionate about providing the finest window treatment solutions for your home or business. From exquisite window blinds to captivating window treatments and cutting-edge motorized options, our collection offers something for every style and budget. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and top-quality products ensures that your journey with us will be nothing short of remarkable. Visit our store today or contact us and let us help you transform your windows into stunning focal points that truly reflect your unique taste and lifestyle!

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